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We offer the avid fisherman the professional personal touch to make your fishing experience a day to remember. As an experienced charter captain I am able to provide the tackle and bait that catch fish in this area in a light tackle style to afford you the feel of your catch. There are many species of Rockfish in the area such as Black Rockfish, Blue Rockfish, Widow Rockfish, Yellow-tail Rockfish, China Rockfish, and Vermillion. Ling Cod are prevalent in the area and are often a favorite to catch due to their size and the challenge to get them onboard. Salmon fishing is what Brookings is most known for, as the numbers of returning Salmon have substantially increased allowing for a larger fish quota and moredays of fishing. The season for Salmon fishing is determined by ODFW and is generally set to start in April and often goes through the first few days in September. Albacore Tuna fishing is a fishery that starts in July and can go through September, the off shore current determines the range that the fish are from the shore line.

Whale Watching and Crabbing

Whale Watching trips are available through early May.

Crabbing and Fishing combination trips are available until the August 15th closure.

Imagine the sun coming up over the mountain tops with the first wisps of clouds in the distant horizon.  With the first rays of sunshine you see the glimmer of newborn light on the ocean surface and feel the
freshness that mornings bring.  Feel the air, see the birds following your vessel to your fishing destination meanwhile watching the land from sea a different perspective, fascinating, beautiful, and peaceful.  As the morning settles into place your sinker sinks to the
depths below enticing a fish to nab your lure and take it for a swim, then you realize that you have a tug and a pull and the battle is on.

The public has access to all beaches along the Oregon Coast, thanks to the 1967 Oregon Beach Bill, which removed the property tax obligation on landowners in return for free beach access for the public. So feel free to stop and sink your toes in the sand anywhere along the coast. You can even drive right out onto the beach in some areas. Four wheel drive recommended! Then it is time to go fishing!